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Experience an exciting web session of the Marketing Club Stuttgart-Heilbronn on the topic of “FaceFusion” – a groundbreaking technology in fashion photography using generative AI.

Christian Weber, Authorized Signatory and Senior Director Sales at Meyle+Müller and Co-Founder of elyum, will explain the paradigm shift FaceFusion brings and how it enables cost-efficient photo productions. Find out how generative AI forms the basis for the seamless exchange of digital faces in fashion photos. Discover what challenges still need to be overcome and get an idea of the power of generative AI.

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Key learnings:

→ Which opportunities arise with generative AI
→ Opportunities and limitations in content creation with AI

Speaker: Christian Weber | Authorized signatory and Senior Director Sales at Meyle+Müller and Co-Founder of elyum
Moderation: Martin Stocker | CX Integrated Demand Team, Corporate Marketing, SAP Germany

Here you will find an excerpt from the program of the Marketing Club Stuttgart-Heilbronn:


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