In our third Webinar of 2020, being held on Wednesday 13th May at 10am, Manuel Stahl, Head of Processes and Automation at Meyle+Müller, will discuss the topic of “Process Optimization – Intelligent Correction and Approval Management”.

Marketing communication is becoming faster and more complex. This has an impact on content production – and on the correction and approval processes required.

There is a very real demand for real time communication as well as for intelligent and automated processes and will continue to grow. In our Webinar we will show what is feasible and useful today and what will be possible in the future.

We will explore the following questions in the 45-minute Webinar:

  • Hardproof vs. Softproof – what role does the process actually play
  • Where are the real areas for improvement and how are they identified?
  • How can correction and approval processes be made faster and more efficient today?
  • Which automated processes can make manual intervention and inspection procedures superfluous?
  • What will happen in the near future and what role will AI play in this?
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