The Challenge

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart with its exhibition of over 500 vehicles has been a magnet for visitors since January 2009. Since opening, the museum has welcomed over 5 million guests from all over the world. The building, designed by architect Delugan Meiss., is supported by three V-shaped columns and reflects the company’s philosophy: daring, decisive and dynamic. But Porsche also wants to be approachable and be accessible to its visitors. To achieve this goal, a solution was sought that integrates virtual or augmented reality, allowing visitors to interact with the vehicles and enjoy an unforgettable customer experience.


Porsche Museum

Customer with

Meyle+Müller since 2016

Customer requirements

  • Creating an unforgettable customer experience with new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality
  • Complete solution from one source
  • Achieving more presence for content marketing in social media through the museum experience

The Solution

Meyle+Müller and its subsidiary [zerone] as well as the M+M partner and software specialist medialesson have designed a mixed reality virtual photobooth with the slogan “Take a bit of that Porsche feeling with you”. At a selfie-point, the visitor can currently sit in a Porsche 911. Thanks to a wireless button in the vehicle and preview display, they can take a photo of themselves with an SLR camera that has been built into the architecture of the museum. However, the final product doesn’t show the car in the surroundings of the museum. Instead it shows the car and the visitor together in a virtual world which can be selected and changed numerous times according to the customer’s wishes.

The photo, in which the visitor drives through virtual mountains or city centres with their 911, can then either be shared on social media or printed out directly. The QR code on the admission ticket gives the visitor a unique ID and allows access to further terminals and enables further editing of the photo. The new mixed reality installation creates an unforgettable emotionally interactive customer experience.

The visitor will only see the installation itself consisting of four booths with touchscreens, an SLR camera and large monitor for previews. However, the technical effort behind the scenes is considerable and highly complex. Thanks to some complex algorithms, a high-performance computer releases the images of the visitor in the vehicle in real time and places them on different backgrounds or in virtual worlds created by [zerone] and finely tuned for this experience. The requirement as defined in the concept has turned out to be challenging: Using a depth camera to replace the background around the vehicle without the need for a green screen. The virtual Photobooth takes place during normal museum opening hours but is unaffected by unpredictable movements by other visitors in the background. This was achieved by aligning the lighting configurations for the car, museum surroundings and virtual images worlds with each other.

In the future it is certainly possible to imagine using the Photobooth at other locations such as trade fairs or show rooms.

This new mixed reality crowd puller really fulfils the modern consumer’s expectations by delivering a shared brand experience that arouses emotions and brings them even closer to the brand.