For over 40 years, MADELEINE has been creating women’s fashion for the highest demands. With its own collections, MADELEINE stands for style, top quality and fashion expertise.

As with its own collection, MADELEINE places great value on high-quality imagery and photo productions that meet the highest standards of quality.

With Meyle+Müller, the traditional house found a partner who can deliver convincing results with experience and competence and at the same time sustainably optimize existing production processes and bring them up to date.



Client of Meyle+Müller

since 2022

Customer needs
  • High-quality image productions
  • Process optimization through the introduction of new digitization modules
  • Professional, reliable and up-to-date production of extensive catalog projects


Joint process optimization
High-volume catalog production of thousands of pages per year
Reliable and competent team

Meyle+Müller has taken over media production for MADELEINE, ensuring that many thousands of catalog pages each year convey the fashion house’s high-value claim to customers in its catalog advertising materials and create that all-important inspiration.

At the same time, Meyle+Müller has developed various measures to optimize existing processes and sustainably improve the workflow. For example, digital fabric samples are being introduced, which for the first time will enable all those involved in the process to access fabric samples digitally, quickly and regardless of location. This means that binding color references are available online at all times and significantly accelerate the marketing process.

In order to be able to implement the highest standards in the future in the area of e-commerce photography and thus in a crucial marketing area of MADELEINE, Meyle+Müller and its experienced and professional team will take over the staging of model and bust photography.

Meyle+Müller convinces us with professional and high-quality results that sustainably improve our marketing process and ensure that we can continue to meet our customers' demands in the future.

Frau Dr. Heike HolschuhGeschäftsführerin MADELEINE Mode GmbH