The Challenge

In the era of fast fashion, the demand for shorter design and production cycles is extremely high. It takes a lot of time brainstorm, research trends and create new products, while the reaction to market trends is hampered by classic marketing procedures. Trend analysis, sample production and photography are the major obstacles here.

As a result, there is always the risk that products don’t meet the demands of the market in the best possible way and that sales potential isn’t being fully exploited.


K – Mail Order

Customer with

Meyle+Müller for more than 50 years

Customer requirements
  • Increasing customer loyalty and user experience
  • Creating opportunities for flexible and cost-effective product pre-testing.
  • Reducing time-to-market (no need for physical samples)
  • Reducing returns
  • Optimising inventory management





product versions



The Solution

Together with our customer, K-Mail Order, we have realised a CG process for the visualization of products based on digital product samples and designs. This has enabled photorealistic marketing content to be used before the products were manufactured. K-Mail Order used its existing marketing tools to ask for customers to vote on the products. The customers of K-Mail Order were able to give feedback on which of the 15 product versions should go into production. Based on the feedback from 12,000 customers, six of the displayed shirts were produced and advertised in Klingel’s print advertising material.

Due to their success, four of the product models designed in this way were carried over into the following season. The printed page on which the customer designs were displayed was one of the 3 most successful pages in the catalogue and with both a very good sales rate and a satisfyingly low return rate. Sales clearly increased as a result of direct customer influence on the product: The customer must have “their” design.

Together with K-Mail Order, we were privileged to be able to set up a digital process in which sample production and photography were no longer major obstacles. In addition, customer involvement clearly increased sales success.