K – Mail Order (KMO) was looking for an efficient solution to significantly shorten the already existing process of content creation for the e-commerce area as well as to test and market new products in the web store as quickly as possible. In the long term, the company would also like to take advantage of the opportunities and strengths of 3D technology.

Creating fashion via 3D visualizations was the big challenge here. The process had to be completely rethought and implemented, while KMO had to leave the familiar paths for this project. The second challenge: the quality of the digital materials, as these are crucial for the result.


K – Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG

Client of Meyle+Müller

for more than 50 years

Customer Needs
  • Shorten process to get products to market faster
  • Use strengths of the 3D area to advantage


In the CGI area of Meyle+Müller, we were able to use KMO’s existing marketing images and integrate them into new products. We replaced the model on the original image with an avatar onto which the 3D data of the products is simulated. After this simulation, digital and optimized materials are assigned to the respective product and rendered. The final step is to integrate this product representation into the original image via Photoshop.

Thanks to the rapid creation of the image data, KMO can now test its products in its web store in the shortest possible time and obtain customer feedback even before real production starts. Time-to-market is massively reduced. Another plus point: The time-consuming and cost-intensive creation and dispatch of physical samples for photographs are no longer necessary.

It was exciting to see live at Meyle+Müller how the new product images are created thanks to today's technical possibilities - the avatar used is particularly fascinating! We will definitely stay on the ball here and continue to use 3D technology for us in the future. Our goal of reducing effort, time and costs was fully met by the M+M team.

Isolde AdamietzHead of Production & Systems