From Lake Constance to the whole world. Since 1947, Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH has developed from a small, medium-sized German supplier to a total system provider for commercial warewashing technology. A warewashing specialist and global player made in Germany.


Digitales und aussagekräftiges Bildmaterial, das überzeugt und vor allem effizient und in gleichbleibender und wiederholbarer Qualität produziert werden kann – das ist der Anspruch der Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH wenn es um die Darstellung ihrer Highend-Produkte geht, die in keiner gewerblichen Küche fehlen sollen. Daneben sollte hohe Flexibilität gewahrt bleiben und vor allem: Animationen und Bildcontent sollten möglichst bereits verfügbar sein, bevor die neue Modellreihe die Werkshalle verlässt.


Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH

Client of

Meyle+Müller since 2018

Customer needs
  • Efficient creation of image content and animations possible before the product exists
  • Flexibility in the marketing process
  • Realisation of expressive application images
  • Detailed and realistic presentation of products

With its many years of expertise in CGl product visualisation, Meyle+Müller is a qualified partner to meet such challenges. In addition to the comprehensive practical experience in staging complete machines, the representation of the finest details of the products is also part of the competences. This quickly creates the digital possibility of experiencing the machine series almost as if it were live, even without inspecting the product.


In order to meet all of Winterhalter’s requirements and also to ensure maximum flexibility throughout the entire marketing process, image content creation via CGI was the obvious choice.

With the CAD data provided by Winterhalter, image motifs and detailed views are created with absolute realism in computer-generated imagery (CGI). The use of 3D visualisation technology also makes it possible to create animations and illustrate unique selling points and functions of the real product in detail.

In order to achieve an optimal image motif, a high level of experience, the right image perspective and a photographic eye are necessary on the part of the 3D artist – the application of the materials once defined with the customer ensures a consistent representation of the material surfaces.

The following example shows how flexibly CGI visualisation can be used. Application images were needed for the new additional module for wet waste disposal – the scenes and perspectives were prepared flexibly in 3D and then the desired people motifs were implemented within a model shooting in the photo studio at Meyle+Müller. The viewer can thus experience the product in its application. The advantages of photography and 3D visualisation are optimally combined.

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