The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket division is part of the Mobility Solutions division of Robert Bosch GmbH and has achieved sales of nearly 48 billion euros in 2018. The focus is on logistics and sales of automotive spare parts, workshop equipment, services, and Bosch products for retrofitting. The product range comprises over half a million products, many of which are now also offered to customers via platforms such as Amazon.

In order to be present on all sales platforms with consistent, complete image content, BOSCH pursues the equipping of all products with the corresponding image content.


Robert Bosch GmbH

Customer with

Meyle+Müller since 2015

Customer requirements
  • Most efficient creation of image content for thousands of articles
  • Savings in logistics costs
  • No scrapping of article samples necessary
  • Standardized visual language across the entire product range

The Solution

BOSCH and M+M have started various projects in the field of automated product visualization for different product groups. On the basis of provided CAD data and intelligent process logics, windshield wiper or spark plug assortments, for example, are thus automated and product images are generated in thousands of times their size.

Preparation is crucial here – in addition to the necessary materials, M+M uses a logic that treats the CAD data supplied by BOSCH in a standardized manner and assigns the appropriate materials to the respective surfaces. In an automated rendering process with standardized lighting that is optimally matched to the products, image after image is now generated photorealistically by computer.

But there are also product groups for which no CAD data is available or no standardizable rules and regulations can be applied – here BOSCH uses the photo services of M+M and has such products as brake disks, generators, brake pads, etc. also classically realized by photography – but here too, of course, automation has long since found its way into the otherwise manual photo studio operation via computer-controlled turntable photography.