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We wish you a happy, successful and most importantly a healthy new year!

2021 will be an eventful and groundbreaking year. On the one hand, new and revolutionary production processes are already in use and will revolutionize our industry; on the other hand, our economy and society are currently undergoing accelerated and sustainable change: a disruptive mix!

In addition, it is a special year for us, Meyle+Müller is celebrating an anniversary: 111 years of FEEL THE INNOVATION!

Founded in 1910, we have witnessed numerous revolutions in our industry over the course of the last 111 years. We are also a little proud to be able to say that we have even had a formative influence on some of them! It has always been in the DNA of Meyle+Müller to enthusiastically pursue the latest technologies, approaches and methods and to successfully make them accessible to our industry. In doing so, we always focus on the benefit of our customers: We use technologies to further optimize our customers’ productions – in terms of quality, costs and time! We are not afraid to eliminate existing cash cows with radical approaches in order to successfully lead our customers in our sphere of influence into the future! We are convinced: Only those who want the best for themselves and their partners will be successful in the long run! 111 years prove us right.

2020 was a bad year and Corona will continue to dominate world affairs in 2021. We – every individual, society and the economy – find ourselves in a situation that was completely unimaginable a year ago. The countless strokes of fate all over the world are a tragedy and will unfortunately accompany us for a long time!

However, we decided very early on that we would not lament the crisis, but seize the opportunities, take advantage of the acceleration of change and focus even more on the future. As a result, numerous innovation and pilot projects have been implemented, production processes have been drastically optimized using AI, and numerous R&D projects are underway. For all its tragedy, however, it is also an incredibly eventful time – we are in the midst of the next technological big bang in our industry. The impact will be far more drastic than, for example, the switch to digital photography or the deployment of the first databases.

Strategically, Meyle+Müller has evolved into a small group of companies in recent years. This enables us to offer our customers even better solutions and to counter the ever increasing speed and complexity. With strong partners and trusting customers, we are in the best possible position.

In this spirit, we wish you a good 2021. Let’s tackle it and shape the future together!

Moritz Müller

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